Unditermaned amount of power.

Unditermaned amount of power.


710 Friendly News from Pure 710

710 Friendly News

Were just really excited we get the chance to interact with all the 710 friendly, 420 friendly folks in Canada and around the world. Stay tuned to our channels and get connected with us. We always enjoy great feedback.

Here is a question I answered on Quora that was the start to all this.

What does “420/710 friendly” mean? 

This was the start for me. Its like an itch I cant quite scratch. But I keep trying and wont give up until its time to the happy dance. Cheers folks and see you soon! Here is the link.

    710 Friendly News - Pure 710 - 710 Friendly

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Everything You Need Know About Cannabis

Everything You Need Know About Cannabis

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